The Benefits of the Waterlase

What applications does the Waterlase have in dentistry?

The Waterlase is an all-tissue laser, meaning it targets all types of hard and soft tissues in the body. The most routine application is with cavities of all sizes, including small incipient caries in fissures and pits to very deep ones. The Waterlase has many other applications including pediatrics, periodontics, oral surgery, biopsies, orthodontics, root canals, just to name a few.

Are lasers safe to use on dental patients?

Since the Waterlase targets water, it removes or cuts tissue by exciting its water content. The physics of this action is called hydrokinetic energy.

There is no mechanical trauma or heat involved.

What benefits does the Waterlase have in the field of pediatrics? 

Children love the Waterlase because it does not physically touch the tooth, and it eliminates the vibrations and high-pitched sounds associated with drills.

For many procedures, little or no anesthesia is needed, which is a huge plus for them.

The Waterlase provides superior outcomes for many procedures in children, such as in pulpotomies, orthodontic tooth exposures and gingivectomies, cavities of all sorts, and even baby tooth extractions.

How is the Waterlase justified in oral surgery? 

The Waterlase can be used to cut both soft tissue and bone. In some surgical procedures such as periodontal surgery, apicectomies and implantology, it offers an excellent alternative to the drill and scalpel. It can technically be used or applied in all surgical procedures along with other modalities and instruments, based on the discretion of the dentist. It may slow down a procedure somehow, but on the other hand it offers benefits such as safety, (no chances of “slipping”), avoiding heat production, inadvertent excessive cutting, less postoperative pain and faster healing.

Is there a ROI in owning the Waterlase or is it just a hype? 

Living testimony of a healthy ROI (Return of Investment) is my 20-year old practice right here, as well as many other laser dentists who have put their units to good use towards the benefit of quality dentistry for their patients.

Breaking down the daily procedures and adding up the extra revenue, if billed and charged correctly, will reveal a spectacular spike in income and speak for itself.

What are the benefits of owning a Waterlase?

Owning a Waterlase not only raises the dentist’s awareness of minimally invasive and quality-oriented dentistry, but it also imparts versatility using a superior and highly popularized technology.

Patients always view the laser as something more desirable and futuristic, which elevates the image of the dentist in their eyes.


The following link is a video by Dr Sarkissian introducing the Waterlase, many of its applications, and explaining how it has changed his practice. 

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