Bonded Space Maintainers

The above photographs are real-life examples of bonded space maintainers from Dr. Sarkissian’s patients.


A primary baby molar is extracted when infection from a deep cavity kills the nerve and shows up as a dark lesion under the root.




The permanent premolar teeth developing in the jawbone under these primary molars need adequate space to erupt, which usually happens between ages 10-12.




In the time period between the loss of the baby molar and the eruption of the permanent premolars, which may span years, the teeth behind the space shift forward, constricting the available space.



Here we see that as the permanent premolars erupt, they get trapped and crowded since their available space is smaller.




Here we demonstrate how a bonded metal-free space maintainer will hold (or maintain) the available space for the permanent premolars.




As soon as the anticipated time for the eruption of the permanent premolars approaches, the middle section of the space maintainer is simply cut off, and the premolars come in according to their schedule.

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