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  1. Hello,

    I recently fractured my tooth, and I visited some dentists who all recommend titanium screws and crowns. Is there not a safer healthier alternative? If so, please notify me ASAP. I live in Miami, FL 33182, and I need assistance in this matter, as I do not look forward to placing titanium in my mouth.

    Thank you,

    Arturo Armendariz

  2. Arturo,
    thanks for contacting us. Zirconia implants are a good option but we need to see if there is enough bone. Visit for more info. If you wish, call Melinda, our new patient coordinator, at (818) 247-7828 for more info, or for coordinating a visit.

  3. Hi I have worn down teeth like in figure 3 and not a lot of room for the tongue. I haven’t got pain but clicking left side and main problem is ear pressure on that side. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Drew,
    from your email we see that you are in the UK which would make it rather impractical for you to come into our office for a few consultation. What we would suggest is that you get as educated as possible in the subject of teeth grinding, TMJ, etc and with this information at hand, interview several dentists to find out if they follow the principles that we found to be the best in the long run.

  5. Hello dr.
    I have the case of a receded mouth & chin due to the extraction of 4 molars and braces. This has disfigured my horizontal face into a vertical weak face and chin.
    I am on appliances day & night. It has been a year now. I do see improvements but not major. I would like to know how I can speed the process to reopen my extractions and replace with implants. Also would like to ensure it is moving the way it should within the timeline and have a definitive plan to reposition my face forward originally.
    Can I consult with you and get some recommendations for the procedure?

  6. Hello Eva,
    I would be glad to see you and try to evaluate and address this issue. My office is in Glendale, so I hope that you live somewhat close by. The office phone number is (818)-247-7828. Give us a call and talk to Melinda, our new patient coordinator, to coordinate an appointment. It would be nice if you could email us Xrays and / or photos that you have in your possession. I would be happy to give you a free consultation just to determine if I can address your case.

  7. Hi I have severe unexplained weakend heart 29 years old I have two root canals and also two impacted wisdom teeth I recently got a lot of white fillings and a lot of my heart issues got worse with some other inflammation. Can white fillings lead to some strange immune activity and also do you have a white filling alternative.

  8. Dental work may aggravate health issues but there is no way to prove that as the main cause. If many amalgams were removed without precautions that may also be a reason. As far as root canals, if they are on the heart meridian it is also a possibility but I cannot vouch for that being the true cause.

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