The Root Cause

Once in a while a piece of information comes along and unexpectedly reaches a big portion of the population, creating awareness for a subject that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

In 2016 it was the movie Vaxxed that exposed information that not all was nice and dandy with vaccination that many parents just do because “that’s what you do” without weighting possible benefit and possible dangers.

Since 2018 we have the movie “Root Cause” waking us up with facts about root canals that we just did not have access to in the past.

Here is a trailer to this movie…

This movie was available on Netflix but is not found there anymore, which could indicate that somebody does not want this information out – but it could have many other possible reasons.

If you are interested enough, it is available for purchase on Amazon or viewable online at for example Vimeo.

It is always best to make you own judgement instead of listening to to one side or another, both of which might have an undisclosed agenda.

Dr. Sarkissian does offer a root canal as an option – but only if a patient absolutely rejects the idea of extracting a dead tooth. If a tooth is not yet necrotic (dead) and the pulp is alive but inflamed, a laser procedure called a Laser Direct Cap is performed, which improves the chances of a tooth staying alive and avoiding a root canal. If, however, the pulp is already dead, doing nothing is not an option. If the patient chooses to save the tooth regardless, and a root canal is performed, laser and ozone disinfection is a must.

Another resource you can use, if you are at the cross roads of yes or no for a root canal, is Root Canal Controversy.

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