Laser Dentistry Misconception

To allay the fears and misconceptions surrounding laser dentistry, here are some facts on laser dentistry:

  1. The laser “drill” does not produce heat when acting on the tooth structure. Instead the laser energy targets the water inside the tooth substance and makes the tooth molecules “explode”, thus eroding the tooth as its pulses hit its surface.
  2. The laser exerts its effect without even touching the tooth surface. A sapphire crystal tip at the end of the laser “handpiece” directs the energy of the laser pulses onto the tooth from a distance of 1-3 mm above the surface.
  3. Laser energy coming out of the tip loses its effectiveness already at a distance of a few millimeters beyond the target, therefore all tissues surrounding the tooth are completely safe.
  4. Since bacteria are made up of little bubbles of water, there is no germ that is spared the laser pulses, as they explode as soon as the ray hits them.

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