How To Keep a Chipped Tooth Alive

This young boy came in with a very common trauma, a blow to the front teeth with a large chip. The nightmare of parents.
Boy with chipped front tooth

Provided the visit to the dentist is as soon as possible, and a laser is utilized, chances of the tooth surviving are excellent. The small nerve exposure along with the whole dentine surface is lasered with the Waterlase and disinfected.
Disinfecting chipped tooth with laser

MTA ( a highly biocompatible cement) is applied as a dressing over the exposed nerve. Over this layer the tooth is bonded with a self-etching bonding agent.
Dressing chipped tooth with MTA

The tooth is built up with composite …
Build up chipped tooth

… following aesthetic bonding principles.
aesthetic bonding of chipped tooth

The tooth is polished and as good as new.
Chipped tooth good as new

Three years after this procedure was done, the tooth is still alive and vital. This kid was spared a root canal.

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  1. If done right it is permanent (with all reservations what permanence really is 🙂

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