How to get your crown the same day

We all know the procedure when it is time to get a crown or an onlay:

After the tooth is prepared an impression is taken with a tray.  This one may be needed to be taken multiple times and sometimes requires separate molds to be taken for the opposing teeth. This can be overwhelming for some patients, especially those with an enhanced gag reflex.

Not a very comfortable procedure.

Then a temporary provisional is made to cover and protect the tooth. Most of us know how inconvenient that is for the next two weeks.

The impression is sent to the dental lab. Two weeks later the final crown or onlay is back, and we make a second appointment to seat it. Time off work or family, traffic, a new shot to numb the area, painstakingly removing the provisional cover and disinfecting the tooth once again.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could come in and all this would be done the SAME DAY without the discomfort and inconvenience of impressions and temporaries?

Dr. Sarkissian can now offer you exactly that! You come in for a procedure that requires any indirect porcelain restoration and leave the same day – all done. No gagging on the impression, no mess, no second shot, no temporaries dislodging.

All this is made possible by the CEREC scanner and a milling machine by Sirona. This is German technology at its finest. Its latest model makes it appear the 21st century has finally arrived. This combination of 3D scanning and milling basically allows Dr. Sarkissian to create bio-compatible ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns during your visit – all in one day.


The Omnicam scanner is used to digitally scan your teeth in 3D. The data collected is directly sent to a sophisticated software program that builds a digital 3D model of your jaw.  This is then used to model the crown, onlay, inlay or veneer with unmatched precision.  Dr. Sarkissian manipulates the design on the computer screen to his liking, and once the exact digital model of the restoration is designed, one click of a button sends it to a CAD-CAM milling machine a few rooms away.


This device mills your crown, inlay, onlay or veneer out of a block of a desired ceramic material right in front of your eyes. After some polishing and glazing, Dr. Sarkissian is now ready to bond it on your tooth. As the precision of this process is so high, hardly any adjustments will be necessary.


If you are in the greater Los Angeles area you should not miss this experience. You can find the contact information for Dr. Sakissian here…

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