Did you know this about the Enamel of your Teeth?

The white shell of enamel covering our teeth is the hardest substance in our body.

enamel hypoplasiaEnamel has growth rings just like trees. The growth pattern may be interrupted at any phase during the embryonic phase of tooth formation, such as an intense episode of malnutrition, emotional stress or disease, giving rise to changes in these growth rings.

Sometimes these can be so pronounced that we see them as ring-like defects around baby or adult teeth, depending on when the growth retardation occurred in early life. These defects are sometimes called “enamel hypoplasia”, and are more prone to decay.

Depending upon which teeth they are found on and which part of the tooth they are located on, we can extrapolate to the time period, within a few months, in which that interruption happened in pre-partum or post-partum life.

2 thoughts on “Did you know this about the Enamel of your Teeth?

  1. We have regularly taken my grand-baby (2 years old) for dental checkups. This
    month was her 2nd visit and they discovered that she has enamel deficiencies.
    Genetically, her mother has a terrible history of teeth issues, father, excellent history of teeth history. She obviously got her mothers teeth and we are preparing for her future mouth care costs. Her Homeopathic Dr. did not suggest anything for us to use to get in front of this problem but I am concerned about Vitamin D deficiency because she does not consume milk/dairy products. We do give her vitamins and mineral supplements and meal balancing. What do you suggest we use to address the enamel deficiency? (fluoride) is not on our “to do” list.

  2. Hello, sorry for the late reply.
    Homeopathically Calc. fluor. 6 C is usually given as a cell salt (does not contain any fluoride molecules) but the best way to deal with this scenario is a combination of diet, supplementation, proper cleaning of the teeth with xylitol gel, and stopping all night nursing or bottles.
    Dr Sarkissian

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