Dangerous Dental Amalgam

This mother describes the dramatic effect that the placement of two mercury amalgam filling had on her fifteen year old son KJ…

This certainly is an extreme reaction. Most dental patients with amalgam fillings will have no directly observable reactions, but maybe KJ is actually the luckier person.

Due to the strong reaction his well educated mother had to take drastic actions to save her son. Most other amalgam fillings might sit there for years and years and quietly poison the host without being noticed and connected with ailments that appear over the years.

What comes to mind is the anecdote on how to cook a frog – throw him into boiling water, he will immediate jump out and escape. But put him into cold water and slowly heat up the water to boiling, the frog will not notice the danger he is in and will end up on a plate.

Taking this story to heart might make it possible for many to reconsider the danger of the amalgam fillings they still have and that don’t seem to cause any problems. Maybe they did and still do.

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One thought on “Dangerous Dental Amalgam

  1. If you can afford it & you’re not too old- get your amalgams out by a (mercury) amalgam free dental practice under safe IAOMT procdures now! Although your immune system may seem to be coping with/storing the mercury leakage for the moment you are being slowly & subtly posioned and weakened as the years pass. Then suddenly you’ll get diagnosed for example ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ or ‘lupus’ or ‘candida’ or ‘memory impairment/depression’ something like this or several of these at once. I have had the beginnings of these symptoms myself and seem to have saved myself just in time by getting the amalgams taken out & replaced with composites, (modern ones just as strong as amalgam), and the horrible low level mercury poisioning symptoms are gradually fading. Watch the IAOMT film (eg on their website or youtube) ‘Smoking Teeth = Poisioned Gas” and read the recent article on the internet “The Mercury Mischief…” by Ellen Brown. It seems that The FDA (US) & BDA (UK) daren’t admit the problems now widely understood with dental amalgam for fear of a flood of lawsuits and when most of our national economies & finance/health institutions are already bankrupt.

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