Recommendation from the Biological Dentist

After a dental procedure, perhaps the most widely known remedy for bruising and soreness is Arnica, which you can take in 12, 30, or 200 potency a few times on the day of the procedure. Depending on other accompanying symptoms … Continue reading

Early Childhood Caries

Early Childhood Caries (ECC), sometimes also called “bottle decay” is a phenomenon we still have only poorly understood. Nevertheless, it is pretty widespread. It is frightening for many parents to notice their 2-4 year old children  developing widespread cavities on … Continue reading

Maintaining the Aging Human Tooth

The human tooth is an incredible feat of nature. It is highly specialized and engineered to stand up to the extremely strong chewing forces for a whole lifetime. The natural tooth has three unique layers: the inner pulp, the middle … Continue reading

Dangerous Dental Amalgam

This mother describes the dramatic effect that the placement of two mercury amalgam filling had on her fifteen year old son KJ… This certainly is an extreme reaction. Most dental patients with amalgam fillings will have no directly observable reactions, … Continue reading

Zooming into the Structure of a Tooth

Imagine a microscope with variable and nearly unlimited magnification (a few million can be considered unlimited for this purpose.) Then take a normal tooth, point this microscope at it and zoom in, zoom in more, and then some… [dailymotion][/dailymotion] It … Continue reading

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Glendale

Lack Of Breath May Ruin Your Well-being There is probably no other condition that impacts your well-being as much as  sleep apnea or its less serious cousin – snoring. Just imagine that while you sleep someone comes by chokes you … Continue reading

Tooth Grinding in Children

Many parents notice that their children grind their teeth at night, maybe even during the day. If you notice a pronounced wear pattern on their baby teeth, it may mean trouble, and would justify a dental visit, preferably someone who … Continue reading

Hidden Decay under Old Amalgam Filling

Silver-amalgam fillings are made from an alloy containing 50% mercury. These are the most common fillings found around the world. Unfortunately, its physical characteristics violate many structural principles in tooth integrity. Being an unstable metallic alloy, it is subject to … Continue reading